Welcome to the New Hope Child Care.

New Hope Ministries is humbled and privileged to serve you. We look forward to working together to have a positive impact in our neighborhood.

Languages we speak

English, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali

Who are we?

New Hope Ministries is a group of dedicated Christians workingtowards building bridges in our neighborhood.

What is our belief?

We believe children are our future and we need to make sound and secure investments NOW to be able to have a brighter tomorrow.

What is our Mission?

We are committed to leading family, friends and our community to faith in Jesus Christ, enabling them to become mature disciples, equipped to serve others.

What is our Goal?

To provide children with opportunities to grow and develop physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally andspiritually in an environment rich with activities and experiences to challenge and stimulate their learning and grow.

Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm

Time Activity
7AM Centre Open
Children are guided to self- chosen activities (table games, books, manipulative toys)
9AM Free Play/Arts & Crafts


Group DayCare 3 – 5 years old

Full Time $675.00/month
Part Time $49.00/day

Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm

7 AM Centre Open,Breakfast,Free Play
8:15 AM Get ready for school Centre Open
Free Play
8:30 AM Leave for school


Kindergarten, Grade One and up (5-12 years old)

Full Time B&A Kindergarten $318.00/month
Full Time B&A Grade 1-6 $418.00/month


New Hope Childcare programs have nurturing and dependable caregivers who provide a varied and stimulating program for children 3-10 years of age.


New Hope Child Care provides practicum placements for students in early Childhood Education Programs.Parents will be notified of the placement.


New Hope Child Care welcomes the participation of volunteers in the program. Volunteers are carefully chosen to ensure their participation will benefit the growth and development of the children.

What The Parents Say


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