Registration Fees:$50.00(non-refundable)

Group DayCare 3 – 4 years old
Full Time $675.00/month
Part Time $49.00/day


Kindergarten, Grade One and up (5-12 years old)
Full Time B&A Kindergarten $318.00/month
Full Time B&A Grade 1-6 $418.00/month
Full Time After 3 pm Kindergarten $317.00/month
Full Time After 3 pm $367.00/month
Before only $ 11.00/day
After 3 pm only $ 23.00/day


Summer Fees
Full Time Kindergarten $476.00/month
Full Time $576.00
Part Time
Weekly $ 36.00/day
Over 4 hours $ 36.00/day


Full Time Fees Include:
5 days of Christmas Holidays
5 days of Spring Break
1 Pro-D day/month (10 days)